About A Nourished Life

Are you a vegetarian? Is this a vegan blog? Do you eat strictly dairy-free, gluten-free, raw or organic? The short answer is no. I don’t fit snugly into any of these categories.

We are a primarily plant-based household with a strong emphasis on vegetables, fruits and plant proteins, but we do enjoy seared salmon, chicken tikka, and chocolate chip cookies from time to time.

I am finding balance and joy in being flexible and adventurous in my healthy eating habits and hope you can, too!

Healthy, balanced eating isn’t about forbidding foods or eating less. It is a life-long commitment to making slow, small changes. It’s about those little things you do every day strengthen your healthy eating habits. Healthy food should be DELICIOUS-because nobody’s has time for bland and unappealing. You don’t have to force down plain oatmeal and munching on raw kale everyday. You aren’t restricted to a handful of foods. In fact, throw that word “restricted” out of your vocabulary. Balanced eating habits are the key.

A Nourished Life is about sharing recipes that offer your body wholesome ingredients made into simple, satisfying, and healthful dishes and uncomplicating nutrition information by writing articles rooted in research.